1. Registration MRI scans are conducted by preliminary registration. You can register every day through 07:00-23:00 by the telephones below  or by the “Leaving a Call” form:

011 42-11-11, 010 42-83-11, 098-42-21-11 (Viber, WhatsApp, Zangi)
If you can’t keep still for a long time or you have fear from closed spaces (claustrophobia) please report that in advance during the registration. The MRI scanner tunnel is a tube of 1.5m length and 55cm width. The patients with exceeding dimensions cannot be scanned by this type of scanners. You can visit our center beforehand and make sure the claustrophobia and dimension limitations won’t make difficulties for your scan. Please tell the administrators about the examinations you’re interested in, your name, surname and date of birth. Fill in the examination date and time in your referral form: it will help you to avoid unanticipated circumstances and visit our center at your booked time. 2. Get prepared for the examination Nearly all of MRI scans do not require special preparation, so you can eat, drink and take your pills before and after the scan. MRI scans of abdomen are conducted on and empty stomach: last eating should be no later than 6-8 hours before the scan. Wear comfortable clothes without metallic parts and take alternate shoes: It is better to leave jewelry at home. It is not recommended to use makeup or ointments containing metallic particles or substances.
3. Take with you
  • Referral form;
  • ID document;
  • Results of early tomographic examinations;
  • Medical documents (specialist conclusions, excerpts from medical histories, medical charts, etc);
  • Documents confirming eligibility for discounts;
  • Medical insurance certificate, if your examination is paid by insurance company;
  • Transfer route scheme.

4. In the center You would be offered to leave the following items in the private dress room and security box:

  • Cloth items and accessories with metallic parts (buttons, belts, etc);
  • Keys, coins, charms;
  • Metallic jewelry;
  • Watches and mobile phones;
  • Magnetic carriers (bank cards, tapes and disks).

5. Examination
During the examination you’ll always be under the supervision of medical staff. During the whole examination your friend or relative can be next to you. Do not plan any urgent affairs just after the examination. Examination can take from 10 minutes to 1 hour depending on its volume and complexity.

6. Results
Generally you can take the results (images and conclusion) within 2 hours after the scan except for the complicated cases that require medical counseling.